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‘GTM’ If you are tracking things – this is the industry standard way.

If you manage your tags, you can rule your world.

Think of your tag manager as a way to manage what gets installed on your site.

This tool allows you to install all or most of the Google Organic Tool-set – and it let’s you guide them all.

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  • Speed to market

  • Add and update website tags efficiently

  • Understand the conversion points

  • Pull in real time analytics.

Your Tag Manager – does what it’s name implies, it manages the tags on your site – tags are like like small triggers for tools, back in the day you would need to add the code for the whole tool, which slowed the site down, also, if you sold your site you also sold the tool.

These days, you add only the trigger – it then talks to tag manager.

Speed and Efficientcy

Pull it all together

All your Google products – you put their tag into your tag manager, and put the tag manager on your site. This way you get to choose what goes where – no more being held hostage by a company – when your relationship ends you can remove their tag.

Dive into the details

Google Tag Manager gives you access to awesome features like the Debug Tool with a user friendly interface – for the most part clients just have us deal with this tool, and the main reason is that it is faster, and that saves them money – we recommend it because it keeps the client safe -you don’t start with a PPC firm and have them install their code on each page – and only have that remain when you part ways – this way when they tap out, you pull their tag from your tag manager.

Tag Technology includes:

The GTM (Google Tag Manager) speeds things up and aligns the code stars by integrating solutions like:

  • Asynchronous Tag Loading
  • AMP Support (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Variables (for re use)
  • You can pause a specific TAG
  • You can define and exclude tag types
  • TAG stacking or Sequencing

We make extensive use of either (GTM) Google Tag Manager or Adobe (DTM) Dynamic Tag Manager

Tag Manager let’s you add or remove code from your site, without having to code on your site.

So if a service provider leaves, you just pull their code from your tag manager, you wont need to dig it out from your site.

13 + 5 =