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Learn more about who visits.

Analyse your shoppers

Search Labs – I’ts all about your data.

‘Google Analytics’ is your preferred tool

It shows you what people are doing when they come into your site – their path through your site on their way to the ‘conversion’ – it shows you who they are – demographically.

If people come to your site, you should know who they are – or at least what they are looking for.

10 + 3 =

Create a personalised experience for your visitors, collect the data that helps you sell your product. Optimise for the terms they use to find a store like yours!

You sell more when you know who wants your stuff.

Like Search Console, this tool ties into the source of truth – you get access to Google’s machine learning capabilities, this helps you drill into the data and turn it into insightful information. 

Once you start collecting this user behaviour data, you can tie it seamlessly into other Google products like ‘Search Console’, ‘Data Studio’ and ‘Optimize’

This allows you to tailor your message to the customers that matter.

Analytics helps you to get insights to the surface, new trends, key changes and opportunities you should be aware of.

The once you are ready, we can help you to deep dive into Session Quality data, Smart Lists and Smart Goals. These are the things that help drive ‘conversions’

See the bigger picture

Use Google Analytics to better understand the way in which users interact with your site, learn about how they respond to your marketing efforts. Through learning about their behaviour you can craft better content, more useful products and insightful solutions.

Google gives awesome insights – they are the ‘source of truth’

“Google has the biggest, best, fastest and most advanced machine learning capabilities on the planet” – this is our opinion about the matter.  When you get your Google Analytics ‘humming’ then you can get insights from that powerhouse and pull the most ‘value’ from your data.

Merge Analytics and Search console – Insights drive results

It is rare that a client will stay with only one tool in the Google advertising / marketing suite. With Search Console (GSC) you learn what Google thinks, because Google ‘parses’ your page, and then recommends it to someone who has a question – Analytics allows you to see who they were, what they were looking for and where they came from. Combine the 2 so that you can analyse the insights provided – allowing you to better reach and serve the right kinds of customers.

Easily share data with those that matter – make it work for you!

Link Analytics and Search Console to Data Stdio, use it crewate beautiful and useful reports, and allow your buseinss to thrive because they can see the patterns and data points they need, when they need them!

Google provides the tools you need

Organise your data, Make it universally accessible to Google
Make it useful to your customers – this is what Google does, and this is what we do – for you, and for Google

This video describes the reason for using these tools as an unstoppable force.

There are 2 paths
  1. Find out what people are looking for and then make that content.
  2. Make content, then optimise it to match what people are looking for.
User Google tools to teach Google what you are

Google needs to ‘parse’ data – and it seems to do this by grouping terms and mathching those terms to queries

Valuable Digital Marketing Customer Insights

Use the tools to figure out who the searcher is, and also, which terms they use to find you.

So, l won’t waste your time if you don’t waste mine

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