Where does
Search Labs
come from?

It’s just me.

Search Labs – I am obsessive about your site.

That is where Search Labs comes from – that desire to encompass all, To grind reality into a fine powder.

I may seem calm, but I think there is a fair bit of rage under it all. I am so tired of meeting people that have had bad SEO experiences – those experiences fuel my fire.

I am a one-man team of passionate SEO experts, with technical expertise and maniacal drive. Honing my craft every day with some of Australia’s biggest companies playing in some of the most competitive landscapes. I don’t play games though, I don’t waste time.

That’s it, that’s what Search Labs is all about – KKND – I don’t care for companies that complain about me eating them in this ‘dog eat dog’ world, I do what I need to do, and if lose rank, I do more.

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